GT Series

The GTSL is the Largest Side Load
Platform on the Market Today.

The Glide Trac (GT) Side Loader Liftgate offers a genuine solution for users’ complex loading and delivery situations. The GTSL design simplifies the installation process while maximizing usable trailer capacity and reducing the potential downtime. And, the GTSL conveniently slides completely away underneath the side of the trailer during transit for ease of travel.

The GTSL advantages include
  • Universal side-mount kit that attaches to steel or aluminum cross members
  • Mounts easily to most dry-freight and refrigerated trailers, with either
    swing-type or roll-up doors
  • Requires no modification of rub rails up to 11.5” deep, and no moving of
    OEM door hardware
  • Large, single-fold, level ride platform features a rugged steel main section and a lightweight aluminum folding section
  • Requires only 64" behind the rear axle for mounting
  • Stores completely underneath the trailer
  • Hydraulic cylinders feature enhanced resistance to both corrosion and physical damage for long life and performance
  • Full protection dual mud flaps shield the entire liftgate from road debris
  • No dock plate or flip ramp required for maximum efficiency
  • Ideal for loading and unloading in confined spaces
  • Ships completely assembled and tested from the factory, so installation is
    significantly simplified
  • Bolt on design allows for easy removal and/or transfer
  • Four redundant safety features prevent gate from releasing and keep platform secure:
    – Hydraulic motor brake
    – Hydraulic cylinder locks
    – Locking chain
    – Roll-out guard
GTSL-GT Together
The GTSL is designed to simplify installation and to maximize trailer efficiency. The rear mounted GT and the side load GTSL help to maximize delivery efficiency with two liftgates.

GTSL liftgates also come fully assembled and tested from our factory to ensure the highest quality lift. Like all Waltco Liftgates, the Glide Trac Side Loader is a testament to product innovation. The many features incorporated into this liftgate series are designed to reduce costly downtime and increase driver and delivery productivity. For more information on this or other liftgate solutions, contact your Waltco sales representative or call (800) 211-3074.


  • Thermally protected power unit safeguards liftgate motor from damage due to
    heat build-up
  • Reduced Maintenance™ features including: self-lubricating, fiberglass-reinforced Teflon® bearings at key pivot points and closed-loop hydraulic system
  • Factory-installed fully-sealed raise/lower, open/close switches
  • Super Duty Motor for increased motor run time and less wear and tear in high
    cycle applications
  • Hydraulic Cylinders designed, manufactured and tested in the USA by Waltco
  • Weather protective enclosure to shield power unit and vital components from environmental damage
  • Electrical Wiring meets or exceeds all TMC Recommended Practices, including 150-amp circuit breaker protection
  • (2) 12-Volt Group 31 Batteries
  • Powder Coat Finish on
    key liftgate components


  • Side Ramps (30” x 16”) with Auto-Latch
  • Dual Foot-Activated Cart Stops (built into platform surface – will diminish
    usable load area)
  • Rhino™ Liner Non-Slip Coating
  • Dual Pump, Power Down Option for reliable performance in cold weather
  • Trail Charger Kit provides a fully regulated 14-volt, 20-amp charge rate to remote liftgate batteries
  • Customized Options – contact factory

GT Seris Specs

CLICK HERE for a PDF version of the Spec Sheet

GT Series 3D Video
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Ideal for loading and unloading in confined spaces
Thermally protected power unit
Optional Cart Stop
Optional Side Access Ramp


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