Dual Pump
Waltco auxiliary pump & motor with control pendant (dual pump)
Offering Real Solutions to Real Industry Issues
  • Early AM delivery (before business hours),
  • or late PM delivery (after business hours)
  • Truck or trailer full of product that must be delivered
  • Electrical malfunction (motor, switch, solenoid) occurs
    and the liftgate will not operate
  • No repair facilities or road-side assistance available
  • Truck or trailer full of product that still must be delivered

Auxiliary Pump & Motor with Control Pendant
  • A complete back up system for both power unit and control switches
  • Only one power unit operates at any given time
  • Reduces amperage draw requirements
  • Extends battery life
  • Extends life of electrical components
  • Selector switch in pump enclosure allows
    controls to be locked-out
What the Auxiliary Pump & Motor does not address:
  • Problems related to the power supply
  • Weak or dead batteries
  • Insufficient grounding of system


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