WDV Series

Waltco’s WDV Series Heavy Duty Rail Gate features the Series Hydraulic Circuit and lifetime warranty UHMW slide pads. These features translate to a reliable, simple design that always rides level and is easy to operate, maintain and service.

The WDV Series advantages include
  • Lifetime warranty UHMW slide pads
  • Power down
  • Hydraulic power open and close
  • Mechanical lock
  • Power unit preinstalled and tested in combination pump/battery box with pre-mounted hanger brackets
  • Backup power unit and switch on 5,500 lb. and 6,600 lb. models
  • Standard steel platforms
  • Automatic self-leveling, self-bleeding hydraulic system
  • Pre-mounted marine potted toggle switches with half rubber boot
  • LED lights
  • 16” aluminum flip ramp/cart stop on 84” deep platforms
  • 12” fixed ramp on 60” and 72” models
  • Thermally protected motors

Like all Waltco Liftgates, the WDV Series is a testament to product innovation. The many features incorporated into this liftgate series are designed to reduce costly downtime and increase driver and delivery productivity. For more information on this or other liftgate solutions, contact your Waltco sales representative or call (800) 211-3074.


  • Aluminum platforms (as shown)
  • Bolt-on option - stainless steel bracket system
  • Custom platform Sizes
  • Hinged Ramps - 16" for 72" and 60"
  • Dock Seal Kits
  • Trailer Installation Kits
  • Trailcharger
  • Split aluminum foot-activated cart stops
  • Low voltage indicator
  • Customized Options – contact factory

WDV Seris Specs

CLICK HERE for a PDF version of the Spec Sheet

CLICK HERE for detail of the gates workings and a spotlight on the DUAL PUMP MOTORS

The WDV offers extra advantages for your
delivery solution.
WDV Series Gate in stowed position
Hydraulic open/close cylinder on the platform
Docking Bumper with recessed backing lights
Pre Mounted Molded Case and Potted Toggle Switch with steel guard is pre-installed



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