Cantilever Gates

The tilting platform of a Level Lift liftgate keeps your load level, even on hills. These liftgates are welded to the frame of the vehicle chassis. The platform closes in an upright position against the rear door of the vehicle. As an option, the platform can double as the vehicle’s rear door, providing a weathertight seal.

BZ Series
BZ Spec Sheet
Owners Manual
Install Manual
Models: 170
BZ Series - Cantilever Gate: 3,300 lb. – 4,400 lb. capacities
Applications: Lift gates for trucks including - Straight Trucks, Cube Trucks or Cutaway Vans, Step Vans, Dual Wheel Service Body Trucks, Stake Body, Flatbed Trucks, Dry-freight Trailers, Studio, Industry, and Refrigerated Trailers

Ideal for: General Contractor vehicles, Heavy Duty Hauling, Large Platform Material Handling Trucks, Food and Beverage

Lift Gate Design Advantages:
A large tilting platform that adjusts for varying grades puts your cargo on level ground while loading and unloading
BZ Series Chart


Flipaway Gates                                        EM Series C Series FSL HLF
Medium Duty Rail Gates                    PTN SB MDL DS DT
Heavy Duty Rail Gates                        RGL WDV
Bottle Gas (BG) Gates                        PTBG MDLBG RBGL WDVBG
Slider Gates                                            GT Series WZ
Cantilever Gates                                    BZ    
Conventional Gates                            K Series 1090 Series
Side Loader Gates                                GTSL


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