Waltco Navigator

This one of a kind online help tool will provide you with a fast, easy and accurate method for finding the proper liftgate replacement parts.


By providing some basic information, (i.e. Liftgate serial number, model number, manufacture date) you are directed toward the correct parts breakdowns and technical data for the liftgate that requires service. The replacement part can then be identified by subassembly and part number. Waltco representatives are standing by for ordering purposes and to assist with any questions you may encounter.

Navigator Online is designed to save time and effort for liftgate maintenance professionals by reducing the risk of mistakes or mis-orders. All parts drawings are done with complete detail and accuracy, and displayed in PDF format. Both new and older versions of the various liftgate parts drawings are included to provide better service for users. The Waltco Navigator program includes tech tips for all models to ensure proper maintenance and an expanded parts price list that includes pricing for new part numbers.


Waltco Genuine Parts

A great product is only as good as the service that backs it up. We not only manufacture the best liftgate in the industry. We are also committed to providing the best service.

Purchase one of our liftgates and we’ll back it with the best warranty in the industry. Order our Genuine Parts and you’ll get a part manufactured to the highest industry standards…shipped, in most cases, within 24 hours or less. 

Waltco locations have dedicated parts departments and a distributor network which inventories a broad selection of replacement parts all of which offer prompt, efficient service, coast to coast.

When it comes to product quality and service, Waltco is the Genuine choice in liftgate manufactures.




Flipaway Gates                                        EM Series C Series FSL HLF
Medium Duty Rail Gates                    PTN SB MDL DS DT
Heavy Duty Rail Gates                        RGL WDV
Bottle Gas (BG) Gates                        PTBG MDLBG RBGL WDVBG
Slider Gates                                            GT Series WZ
Cantilever Gates                                    BZ    
Conventional Gates                            K Series 1090 Series
Side Loader Gates                                GTSL


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